Kids Plaza Osaka

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After all the busyness during the school year, finally I have time to blog. Too much happened, but too little time to blog. Well anyway, here I am now! Yahoo!

Before the  final quarter exams of my homeschooler, we went to Japan for seven days vacation. It was a planned vacation which we bought a plane ticket for seven months in advance. Thanks Cebu Pacific for the cheap fare, we got our return plane ticket for only 5,000Php each. How cool was that?

Kids Plaza Osaka

This was our final destination before we went back here in the Philippines. While we waited for our flight in KIX, we went to Kids Plaza Osaka to past our time. At first, I thought we’re going to this place for the sake of our daughter, but I was wrong. In fact, all of us totally enjoyed the place.

Kids Plaza Osaka
The TV Studio where you can play the role as a TV presenter. And when you’re done, you can watch the replay of your news report in the TV outside the studio.

 Kids Plaza Osaka

Kids Plaza Osaka

Kids Plaza Osaka

Kids Plaza Osaka





I have not captured all of the facilities, but luckily I do have a video.

This place is a museum where kids (and adult too) can learn through play. If you want more details, please visit their website here. If you are travelling to Osaka, Japan with kids, you can visit this place. I’m sure the whole family will love this!

Team Soldao

 Secretly everything amuses me, I’m a kid at heart.

Kids Plaza Osaka

6 thoughts on “Kids Plaza Osaka

    1. I really want to see Cherry Blossoms too, but we went there during winter season. I saw a Plum Blossoms and I thought it was a Cherry Blossoms LOL! It’s really hard to tell the difference. 😀


  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    I would love to go to Japan someday! They have the best places to go to, in my opinion, and I love how friendly and accommodating the people are. This looks like a fun place for kids to go to!

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