Team Soldao into Arts!

Hi there!

As our homeschooling journey began, we also got into arts. As our daughter explored in different kinds of art materials, we, the parents also are enjoying exploring with her.

Here are some of the works that I have scanned to share with you.

Color Pens
Art using color pens.

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Team Soldao into Arts!

Books for Less Warehouse Sale

When it was announced before the month of July ends, I got excited. I planned to go there on the first day of the sale, but unfortunately I was at the hospital. I got admitted because of dengue. So, the Team Soldao went yesterday, the second week of the sale. We arrived there after lunch and as expected it was crowded. I noticed that most of the books in the center are children’s book which are the most books that you can find. I have seldom seen books for grown-ups which some shoppers got disappointed, but not us. It was really our goal to buy children’s books for Nichole. But if you are looking for grown-up books, don’t be sad. They replenish everyday, just go there in the morning.

Books for less warehouse sale
Yes books for only P20 each!

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Books for Less Warehouse Sale