Books for Less Warehouse Sale

When it was announced before the month of July ends, I got excited. I planned to go there on the first day of the sale, but unfortunately I was at the hospital. I got admitted because of dengue. So, the Team Soldao went yesterday, the second week of the sale. We arrived there after lunch and as expected it was crowded. I noticed that most of the books in the center are children’s book which are the most books that you can find. I have seldom seen books for grown-ups which some shoppers got disappointed, but not us. It was really our goal to buy children’s books for Nichole. But if you are looking for grown-up books, don’t be sad. They replenish everyday, just go there in the morning.

Books for less warehouse sale
Yes books for only P20 each!

books for less warehouse sale
There is she! She’s busy checking on books.
books for less
These are the books that we bought. I wanted to buy more, but Nichole was already complaining because she cant stand the heat and crowd anymore.

It is advisable not to bring kids in there, but if it is not possible like us, you can have another companion for the kid and have to wait outside the warehouse. It was breezy and shady in there. You should bring water, face towel and wet wipes or alcohol as the books are dusty.

The warehouse is located at 643 Mercedes Avenue, Brgy. San Miguel, Pasig City. The promo will run until August 31st. They are open everyday from 9AM to 5PM except on Mondays. They have given directions and instructions via their page. Kindly see this link.

Happy book hunting!

Team Soldao

“There is more treasure in books than all pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney

Books for Less Warehouse Sale

22 thoughts on “Books for Less Warehouse Sale

  1. We were at a Books for Less store yesterday but did not buy anything. We live in Paisg, but we did not know about the warehouse sale. It’s good I landed on this page and we will visit this warehouse sale before it ends.


  2. I find always a pleasure in reading for I am a bookworm. It is time that we discuss about the time that we read a book. Most of us don’t have time to grab a book recently.


  3. Wow, this is a haven for bookworms. Glad to see many people are still into reading real books when there are lots of ebooks available. I should say physical books still give you a different kind of high compared to ebooks that easily strain your eyes.


    1. Where are you from sis? If you’re from QC near QC ave, the National Bookstore QC ave. (corner sct. borromeo and panay ave) will be having a warehouse sale too on Aug. 13-18. I will be planning to go there on the second day. 🙂


  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    This is an amazing opportunity for book lovers with a budget in mind. I would love it if we had any of these where I’m from.


    1. Oh sad, but at least you still got 2. When I went to NBS sale at QC Ave., I got plenty but I wasn’t able to pay because I got dizzy of the heat and crowd. The queue to the cashier was totally crazy.


  5. […] Books for Less Warehouse Sale. Last month we went to the warehouse sale of Books for Less in Pasig City. Although finding books is exhausting, the experience is worth it. We’re so happy on our loots even though they are all used, but who am I to complain? For just P20 each books, it seems that I found treasures. […]


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