Retelling: Huggly Takes a Bath

Sharing Nichole’s oral project/exam in her reading subject. As a first grader, they are asked to do an oral book report, but since they are too young to do that, they let her retell the story instead.

I know that this video is not perfect, but I am still sharing because I am so proud of her. Being her parent-teacher, I witnessed her progress and I can tell that she’s improving. And besides, we had fun filming this video. This was a 20 minute film, but I edit it because it’s too long for a school project. I have omitted all the funny faces, laughter and her crazy movements. There are still a few left in the video, which we find it so funny as we watched the edited film. Perhaps not a perfect video, what’s important is that we had fun doing this and I know she improved. Next time, hopefully, we’ll be uploading a better video. πŸ˜‰

Team Soldao

“We are not perfect, we are learning. That’s the beauty in our specific journey.”

Retelling: Huggly Takes a Bath

14 thoughts on “Retelling: Huggly Takes a Bath

  1. I admire you for doing this to your daughter. It’ll build her confidence as she grows up.

    Suggestion: you may want to focus recording the book too while she’s storytelling. Other kids may want to watch this video and look at the pictures of that book.



  2. Rej Relova says:

    I can’t really the video right now 😦 Youtube is blocked in our office. But I really think she did a great job based on others’ comments. πŸ™‚


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