National Book Store Cut Price up to 50% off!

Book sale alert fellow book lovers!

If you failed to go to the 36th Manila International Book Fair just like me, don’t be sad as the National Bookstore is currently having their sale up to 50% off on selected items nationwide.

NBS Sale 50% off

Nichole and I went to the National Book Store super branch at Cubao right after their recollection. We are both excited to go there. When we enter, booom! The goodie treasures welcomed us. Most of the items on sale are children’s story books, activity books, textbooks in all levels, classic books, sequel books and even wattpad books. Can you believe if I say, there are lots of goods at the price of P50?

Well, most of the classics from different publishers are P50. Wattpad books are P50 as well.

Classic books NBS sale Classic books NBS sale

Textbook that might be helpful to Nichole, got it with 50% off.

homeschool textbook NBS sale

I have seen Malcolm Gladwell books that are 50% off too.

Some of the books are not labelled as sale, but to my surprise when I am about to pay the Percy Jackson book 1, it was 20% off.

percy jackson NBS sale

I was a bit frustrated when I went to the cashier that the books that I like are not on sale. To my surprise some of them are on sale, but not labelled. So, better ask the salesperson first before paying.

I will definitely come back next time to buy the rest of the Percy Jackson books after all the promo will end on September 30.

How about you, do you have a plan to check out the promo? What books are you planning to buy?

Team Soldao

“Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

National Book Store Cut Price up to 50% off!

15 thoughts on “National Book Store Cut Price up to 50% off!

  1. I wish I could go check out the promo, perhaps when my kids are not sick anymore. I wish to buy The Secret Garden and also titles that are featured in the Instagram of NBS. They look like really cool books.

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  2. Mommah Wonders says:

    Always excited for NBS sale! I just feel sad because I cannot spend a lot of time searching for books that are on sale because I have a toddler and a baby with me. :/
    One of these days perhaps… I want self help books specially about finance. Hehehe!

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  3. It’s not only books that are on sale. My husband came home the other day with two coolers for the kids’ school drinking water. They’re sold at a discount at National Bookstore.


  4. I’d love to check this promo. Kaso September na ngayon but I will try to catch it later. Anyway, my son is starting to read and whenever we are at the mall we always go to Booksale or National Bookstore. Those books at 50 pesos ea are great buy na what more pa the grammar book that I also need. I need to go to NBS later talaga.


  5. I love hanging out at National Bookstore, even if I had my Kindle for like years na (5?7?) and get loads of free e-books from our Kindle group (books which cost 500 and above if I get the physical one from NBS). But my girls love getting the real physical books so I end up shelling cash for their books anyway hehe


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